Thursday, January 17, 2013

Back from Holidays and got myself a new crafting hobby

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I’m back. After a long time of Christmas “vacations” which turned out to be more demanding than the normal days. Too many friends and family to visit, chores to do, cooking, housework etc. Good thing is I took a break from all internet and at the same time learnt a new craft, yay me! I was into crafts ever since I remember myself. In the course of years I did a lot of drawing and painting projects, sculptures, jewelry, scrapbooking, projects with plaster, sea shells, rocks and many other materials. One thing I never got my hands into though was anything that had to do with fabrics and clothes making like sewing, crocheting or knitting. For some reason I was always intimidated by these crafts and although both my grandmas were really great in them I kinda thought these activities would be boring.

Well, things change when a cute little baby girl comes into your life. My soon to be goddaughter was born in October and this was her first Christmas and New Year holidays. As a godmother-to-be I wanted to give some present to the baby but I also wanted it to be something special. And then it hit me. On my way home after the last working day before Christmas I stopped to a local craft supply store and bought baby yarn and knitting needles. Went home, watched some Youtube videos, read some basic information about knitting and dived in. I finished a baby hat, 2 pairs of baby booties and 1 baby scarf in 2 days and LOVED it! I do not have any photos since I gave them the same day I finished them but they were so tiny and beautiful. Knitting is a wonderful craft and it is so meditative, I would never have guessed! In fact I have started more projects. I am now knitting a scarf for my dad, gloves for my best friend and a dog sweater for a lovely Chihuahua. I usually knit either on my way to work or during the cold evenings when I am home and really enjoy it.

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