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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New Food Blog

That's a really quick note to inform you that I have decided to move all my food related posts to a different blog since it seems I will be doing a lot of experiments with cooking and trying out a more vegetarian way of eating. I will keep the once-in-a-week-meat plan I have right now till I feel ready to drop meat and fish 100% and I will be publishing recipes and articles on the other blog. Any suggestions and recommendation are more than welcome.
The link to the food blog is Eat, Love, Yoga. See you there as well!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Yogic Kitchen: Nutritious Vegetarian Diet for Yoga Practicioners

The yogic diet is mainly vegetarian, with a small amount of dairy products, namely milk, yogurt and cheese.  Based on fresh and organic plant foods as much as possible, avoiding preservatives and chemical additives. What are the benefits of such a diet? What do we gain by including the combination "rice, sabji, dhal" in our daily eating habits? 

The dhals are legume dishes (usually beans, red lentils etc) cooked with a specific combination of spices (basis) which assist and accelerate our digestive process.
The sabjis are vegetable dishes, cooked also on the same basis spices.  The vegetables used should be mainly seasonal since they are the fresher, cheaper and easier to find. 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Switching to a Vegetarian Diet?

All my life my diet has been Mediterranean style with a little more meat (well I live in Greece, duh?) and I never ever intended to change it. I really like it. Or should I say liked it? If someone told me that I would stop eating meat I would definitely laugh at their face. No way, you can’t say that to a meat lover! Until recently, a common week would consist of 3-4 days of meat, 1-2 days of fish and 1-2 days legumes. All meals include plenty of vegetables and olive oils, fruits are part of the plan too. Then a few times per week there are eggs, dairy, pasta or rice.