Sunday, February 24, 2013

Vipassana Metta Chant Sabka Mangala Hoye Re

It's been a full week since I returned from the 10 day Vipassana discourse. Still haven't put my experience and thoughts written down since it was a very intense experience and I'd like to allow some time for my emotions to settle. But I find this particular chant coming to my mind numerous times every day. It has a very soothing effect on me and helps me concentrate to positive thinking and feelings.

May all beings be happy.


  1. Congratulations on surviving the Vipassana retreat. I think it takes about 3 months before you realise the subtle yet deep changes in the psyche. I've completed about 9 of the 10 day courses.
    You might like to read about one of them here on 1st May 2005:

    The last retreat I did was in December 2010, but it was marked by a great tragedy which will stay with me forever:

    Many blessings...

  2. Thatnk you very much for stopping by. I will start writting about my experience little by little. It is amazing what these 10 days can do!
    I will definitely read about your experiences, 9 times are many!


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