Monday, November 26, 2012

It's Time For Ashtanga!

After of a long period of self practice due to lack of funds and a few months unemployed I finally found a new job. I spent 9 months more before I finally signed up for an Ashtanga yoga class and during that period the first 3 months I did go on home practicing but the last 6 I didn't. Something really intense happened to my life and I went through a period of letting go of everything. I just went to work, got back home, ate and sleep. I even started smoking again, a bad habit I managed to let go years ago. After reaching bottom line I decided I had to do something for me. I stood up, gathered my pieces together and searched for a studio of Ashtanga. I talked with 3 different ones till I decide and this September I got my very first lesson.

Since, as I have mentioned before, I never had any experience with Ashtanga, the first lesson was a private one as an introduction, just me and the teacher. Having a bad experience with a Hatha yoga studio before I was quite reluctant. However all fears and considerations flew away within the first few minutes of discussing with the teacher. He was very down to earth, informative and for some unexplainable reason I felt like I knew him for years. That was a nice surprise!

To the practice part. We did Sun Salutations and then followed the normal sequence of the series until Janu Sirsasana C. He also explained the Dristhis (gazing points), the Bandhas (internal body locks) and the Ujjayi breathe. I was supposed to have 4 private lessons in total before entering a class but to my excitement the teacher told me he was very pleased by my attitude towards the practice and he believed I could enter the class immediately, so I started taking led classes 2-3 times per week. The led lessons are late in the evening and the studio is about 1 hour away from home (have to take the bus and metro to get there) so a typical day for me is like that:

07.00 wake up
07.45 leave home to go to work
09.00 arrive at the office
18.30 leave the office
19.45 arrive at the studio and have a coffee reading a book at a nearby cafe till practice time comes
21.00 class begins
22.30 class ends
23.30 arrive home, take a bath, prepare for next day and sleep

So I supposed that it would be quite tiring. But what actually happens is a wonder on its own. Ever since my first class, I am experiencing something that has never happened before. When I am done with my lesson except for the usual calmness and tranquility I felt in the past I now feel so happy I have a big smile on my face which won't go away for hours while everything around me just seems so much better that before. And I am feeling I am bursting with energy within. Literally, the Ashtanga days I go home and can't sleep until it is 2.30-3.00 in the morning!

Welcome to my life Ashtanga. I knew I had to practice you and now that I actually started, I know I won't stop! 

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